So, tell me, what exactly is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-inclusive platform for developing and hosting online courses, with additional features like marketing automation, lead capture forms, and analytics. It enables educators to include not just text, files, images, and videos (posted on Wistia), but also polls, quizzes, and alterations to the features used to deliver the courses itself. In addition, Kajabi has integrated a wide range of promotional resources within its system. The usage of extra software may be required when integrating these functionalities with other platforms, such as when using email campaigns, welcome flows, or landing sites.

Now, let’s go a little more into these themes:

Kajabi Offers Online Memberships and Courses

Now more than ever, Kajabi’s capacity to create online courses stands head and shoulders beyond that of competing SaaS platforms. Kajabi provides some of the most flexible choices for customising the appearance and feel of a course as well as the student’s experience inside it. It offers a wide range of content created with the needs of different types of online classes in mind. You may personalise any of these samples to reflect your business’s character and create the experience your clients enjoy with you. For those who want to play around with code, there is room for more customization. If you sign up for Kajabi’s Growth plan, you’ll have access to the code, giving you even more control over your course’s design and functionality. The kajabi free trial is important here.

Back-End of a Kajabi Course

In addition, you have the option of using several assessment tools, such as Assessments and Quizzes, to gauge your students’ understanding of the material. By doing so, you may also set up smart automation that, depending on whether or not the student passed the Quiz, will do things like tag, email, or unlock items. If a particular number of days have elapsed since enrollment or if a given module has been completed, the course content may be distributed in a drip manner. 

The Kajabi Website Editor

You may use established templates and choose from a variety of available components. They’re all mobile-friendly and flexible enough to help you create a page from scratch that’s perfect for you; at the same time, they all keep enough of a layout in place so your pages are easy to browse and optimised for conversions. 

Cases of Kajabi: Can Anything Be Done?

Kajabi’s email system can handle mailing lists of all sizes, and the business has just made some updates that streamline the process even more. With the built-in email system provided by Kajabi, you may automate the distribution of promotional emails for your courses. This will free you up to focus less on day-to-day operations and more on revenue generation. It’s important to remember, however, that Kajabi’s email system isn’t nearly as advanced as the one provided by a fully-featured CRM like Active Campaign.