Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

ITN Number: Guide to obtaining ITN number for car importing

An ITN number is also referred to as AES number. It is a number generated to confirm a shipment. The automated export system (AES) helps in allowing the port or road authorities to take the process of shipment ahead. Every AES shipment has a unique ITN number to identify goods easily. You can file your request for itn number directly or through a broking firm.

An ITN number acts like a passport for your shipment to travel to foreign land. Thus, you must obtain this number and keep it safe with you as you may be asked for it several times. ITN number stands for International Transaction Number and it helps the customs or road authorities that the vehicle is requested for overseas import.

Simple steps to obtain an ITN Number:

  1. Visit a customs broking firm:

Hiring a customs broker can give you major support in obtaining an ITN number. There are several ways of hiring a broker firm. Hiring a licensed and reliable professional offers you a stress-free importing process. Your broker may ask you to arrange a few documents like;

  • Invoice/bill of sale
  • Copy of title
  • Importer’s passport details
  • Importer’s driver’s license
  • Dealer’s name and address, and more…
  1. Declare your information:

You must let the broker have all the relevant documents ready to declare the crossing information. These may include the following;

  • Border crossing details of the State (not all borders can be crossed and your broker may know of the right borders for crossing).
  • The date of crossing planned.
  • Carrier’s name, company’s name, contact details, and other information as requested by the broker.
  1. Follow the 72 hours rule:

Once your customs broker submits the required documents, there is generally a waiting period of 72 hours to hear back from them. The US customs will them submit an ITN number to you. You can either receive the ITN number on email, phone call, or by your broker directly. Your broker may also ask you to visit once for self-declaring the vehicle.

Receiving an itn number gets easier with a broker by your side. They ensure no delays as they know the process. Thus, they are timely and efficient in document filling as well as submission. Prepare your documents and look for a trusted firm to offer you the best customs broker for car importing to Canada.